Domestic United States 

  • FREE Shipping!  (USPS / FedEx)
  • Tracking Included on all orders!  
  • 5-9 Business Days (USPS / FedEx Surepost) 

    Hawaii Shipping

    • Shipping Fee: $10.00
    • US mail carriers charge a higher fee for us to ship to Hawaii.  This fee ranges on weight but is anywhere from $10-$17+.  To continue servicing our Hawaii customers, a flat shipping fee is added to your order.
    • Tracking is included in every order.
    • USPS or FedEx is used for shipment depending on the shortest available delivery window.  

    International Shipping 

    • Intl Express Shipping Fee: $8 USD
    • International Tracking
    • Final delivery by reputable national carriers. 
    • Fast Express International Shipping!

    We ship to the following countries:

    • United States 
    • Canada
    • United Kingdom
    • Italy
    • France
    • Ireland
    • Sweden
    • Germany
    • Netherlands
    • China
    • Australia

    * if your country is not listed, simply send us a message and we can inquire on shipping availability.  This list is comprised of countries which we have established carrier services and successfully tested shipping methods 

    International Customs Fee / Import Tax

    • We have rights to ship to European nations without fee or tax, this is paid upfront by Pets By Numbers, LLC to avoid shipping disruptions.
    • Orders shipped internationally may encounter other fees or taxes associated with import which are out of our control.  Any additional taxes or fees, while very rare, are to be paid by the customer.  We work daily with various customs relations to insure every delivery is without delay from pending charges at import. 


    Shipping Questions

    If you have any questions on shipping please let us know by emailing us at [email protected].  


    Shipping FAQs

    -- I received my tracking number, but it says tracking unavailable on the carrier website? 

    • Tracking numbers are assigned as the order is ready for shipment.  Orders are then delivered to mail carriers Monday-Friday and the tracking number will be available for tracking only when the mail carrier has accepted, scanned and processed your package.  From here, most carriers ask for 24 hours for the initial tracking to show online.  

    -- I will not be home during the scheduled delivery date, do I have options?

    • USPS and FedEx both have online tracking services which allow you to hold the package at your local carrier office.  If you wish to change your delivery address, this must be done in advance of delivery and coordinated through Pets By Numbers.  USPS and FedEx both require the seller (pets by numbers) to initiate an address change due to security.  We are more than welcome to help you with this, simply send us an email and we can go over available options.

    -- My package was undeliverable, what does this mean?

    • There are many reasons why a carrier would not be able to deliver your package, most often we see the following on the tracking receipt:  "mailbox was full - delivery attempted" | "unoccupied residence, apartment office does not accept deliveries" | "delivery address not deliverable"
    • USPS and FedEx both provide a second chance delivery which will be shown on your tracking receipt.  Once a delivery attempt is unsuccessful, Pets By Numbers is notified by our package tracking software and we attempt to contact the customer.  
    • If both attempts are unsuccessful and no resolution was provided for a successful delivery, packages are returned to our shop.  While this is very rare, we contact the customer and try to find a resolution to re-deliver the order.  Additional charges may apply for a re-delivery unless Pets By Numbers or the mail carrier was at fault for the unsuccessful attempts.

    -- I received a tracking number beginning with YT.  What is that?

    • All orders, domestic and international are tracked by two systems; the mail carrier and our mail logistics company.  Our logistics tracking numbers begin with YT, these are used to track international orders as they pass through customs and to your local mail carrier.  These numbers provide more detail to us so we can see exactly where your order is at all times.  If you received a YT order for a international order, it can be tracked using 17Track and a local carrier number will be provided once your package clears customs for more accurate tracking abroad.


    Please email any additional questions to us at [email protected].  Make sure to include your name and order number in your message.