can fish drown in water

Can fish drown in water? Save a drowning fish!

Fish… the colorful aquatic creatures gliding in the shimmering waters of our aquarium and ponds. The mere movement leaves us in a trance and evokes a nostalgic feeling. Ever wondered what these tiny beings in our aquarium thinks when we touch the glass - some will crowd near the hand whereas some will back off in fear. Isn’t their behavior perplexing… but what if your fish is always lingering near the water surface in a lethargic way without eating anything. Now, this is concerning!
April 18, 2024
National Love Your Pet Day and National Pet Day

Are National Love Your Pet Day and National Pet Day Different?

Confused in national love your pet day and national pet day? National love your pet day and national pet day are two different days but they have a common subject that is our beloved pet! For pet enthusiasts who are always on the go to acquire and cherish the wonderful memories of their pet, these days will help you create your own tale of two pet days….
April 11, 2024
Dog pop art

Dog pop art: how to convert dog photo to pop art?

Our adorable friends have a beautiful coat covering their body. The color makes them look majestic and magnificent but have you ever wondered - how your canine companions will look if they were covered in a kaleidoscope of colors. What happened? Does the image look lovable or does it give you the willies? The image will look appealing and the colors will only enhance the charm of our picture perfect companions. In case you are wondering about your own personalized dog pop art then you need to read ahead as we will tell you how to convert dog photo to pop art…
April 02, 2024
how to paint a bird

How to paint a bird: 5 Bird Paintings Tips & Tricks

The creatures adorning beautiful feathers who break the shell to see the world, the creatures with wings to fly who surpass the doubts and measure the sky, the creatures with voices whose songs paint the air with melodies…. 

Birds with their delicate features, intricate feathers, and captivating presence fills our life with chirping sounds and beautiful memories. Imagine capturing the beauty of these winged beings on a canvas - whether portrayed between lush foliage or soaring high in the sky, each bird painting can tell its own tales waiting to be heard by the birdwatchers.

March 20, 2024
when is national pig day

Oink Oink Celebrations: When is national pig day?

When is National Pig Day? Is there a day dedicated to pigs? Do pigs deserve a special day? How to celebrate the national pig day?

To answer the raging questions related to these ‘P’lump ‘I’ntelligent ‘G’regarious creatures, we present you with a guide. A guide that will take you on a tour in the world of pigs and introduce you with a special day solely dedicated to these snouty beings whose intelligence can even rival dogs.

Gear up dear pig enthusiasts! Let’s find out when is National Pig Day and much more….

March 01, 2024
pet lovers art for february

29 February art projects for pet lovers!

February is a liar, tell me, can't you tell?

It's just March in disguise, trying to fool you well….

Don’t let this idea of a deceptive precursor to March fool you further as the month of February not just hints the transition of weather and months but it also opens up the window to your loved ones. This month that retains the chill of winter and colorful parades, highlights an important day to show your affection and love to your precious ones. And we all leave no stone unturned to showcase our heartfelt emotions towards the people we love and cherish.

So this February did you appreciate all your near and dear ones? or wait ….

February 21, 2024

A cute hamster art: How to paint a hamster?

Does it look like the cute hamster is eating a flower or like the cute hamster is offering the flower? Maybe the little munchkin is munching on the flowers… Not at all he is just standing there spellbinding us with its adorable look. Welcome to the enchanting world of hamster art, where these lovable creatures are no less than Kitty pur balls and snuggle hounds. In this blog, we will....
February 06, 2024
blue german shepherd

Is Blue German Shepherd Real? - Myths VS Facts

Black, white, black & tan the german shepherds we have seen and heard but can a german shepherd be blue? For the devoted shepherdphile who adore these gentle giants, blue german shepherd is not a myth or a fictional fluffy painted in blue dye. Blue german shepherds do exist…
February 02, 2024

Where can I place wildlife paintings in my house?

On canvas vast, a scene unfolds,

Nature's tales in strokes, it's told.

Animals roam, colors dance,

A masterpiece in every glance.

A masterpiece that breathes life into your home and lets you venture into the realm of wildlife - Wildlife paintings. Join us on an artistic journey ......

January 09, 2024

Happy Mew Year for Cats Day: How to Celebrate Feline Festivities?

Purring and kneading of your loveable little lions,  coupled with their scratching and licking to mark territory, showing affection while maintaining their cattitude and oh the sweet mewling sounds that serenade our days. Happy Mew Year to all cat connoisseurs and aficionados! This blog is for you….
January 03, 2024

Curious About Christmas Pets Portraits? Learn to Capture the Spirit!

"Snap by snap, we unwrap the gift of laughter, love, and delightful chaos tucked within the frames of our Christmas pets portraits."

As the holiday season blankets the world in a shimmering glow, there is an undeniable magic in the air—a magic that extends beyond the glittering ornaments and twinkling lights. It is the enchantment found in the genuine, heartwarming moments shared with our beloved furry companions. Welcome to the realm of Christmas pets portraits, where wagging tails and curious noses become the stars of a festive masterpiece.

December 20, 2023
brush stroke techniques in pet portrait

Pet Paint by Numbers Techniques for Beginners: Exploring Brush Strokes, Blending, and Detailing

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing realm of pet paint by numbers techniques and embrace your inner artist. With every brushstroke, witness numbered canvases metamorphose into exquisite portraits that immortalize our beloved furry companions. This captivating artistic pursuit is especially ideal for beginners yearning to breathe life into their treasured pets' visages on canvas. Delve deeper into the mystifying world of brush strokes as you unravel the secrets behind blending colors harmoniously together, seamlessly bringing depth and dimension to your creations. Embark upon this imaginative journey where friendship intertwines with artistic prowess, allowing boundless expression through a palette filled with emotions.
December 18, 2023