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Dear humans, have you ever wondered what’s on the menu of a pig? The answer might surprise you. Pigs, like any other pets or farm animals, also have specific nutritional needs, just giving them anything won’t suffice! In this blog, we will uncover all about a pig’s diet, from hearty grains to legumes and pig feeds. 

So, if you are someone who wants to know what do pigs eat, join us as we are about to commence a journey into the world of pig nutrition!

What do wild pigs eat?

What do wild pigs eat

Let’s begin with the diet of wild pigs, also known as wild boars or feral hogs. As some of you might think, the food of wild pigs and farm pigs is the same, but it is not. Wild pigs are opportunistic omnivores that eat roots, tubers, nuts, fruits, berries, insects, small mammals, and even carrion. They consume plants based on seasonal availability and as per their habitat. While both wild and farm pigs are omnivorous and can consume a wide range of foods, farm pigs have diets that are more controlled and formulated to meet specific nutritional requirements for growth.

What do pigs eat?

The food for pigs may vary depending on their breed, purpose and farming practices. Here, we present the food you can provide to piglets and adult pigs:

What do baby pigs eat?

What do baby pigs eat

1. Mother’s Milk: Piglets depend upon their mother’s milk, which provides them with essential nutrients, antibodies and growth factors necessary for their early development. The milk is rich in fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins, making sure piglets receive a balanced diet.

2. Commercial Milk Replacer: The commercial milk replacers are provided in place of mother’s milk as they are created in a way to mimic the nutritional composition. Like mother’s milk, the replacers also provide proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

3. Starter Feeds: Once the piglets start to grow, they can be introduced to starter pig feeds, as they are specially created for the young pigs. They also contain a balanced amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

4. Creep Feed: Creep feed is a specialized type of feed introduced to piglets while they are still nursing. It allows piglets to start eating solid food early, providing additional nutrition and helping them transition from milk to solid diets.

5. Water: Along milk and starter feeds, water is also important for a piglet’s hydration and digestion. As they start drinking water soon after birth, it is important to provide them clean water throughout the growth stages.

What do pigs eat? - Adult Pigs!

What do pigs eat

1. Grains and Cereals: Pigs are often fed a diet based on grains such as corn, barley, wheat, and oats. These grains provide carbohydrates for energy and are often a significant part of commercial pig diets.

2. Protein Sources: Protein for pigs is necessary as it helps in muscle growth, maintenance and overall health. It can include soybean meal, canola meal, sunflower meal and oilseed meal. These provide the essential amino acids necessary for pig health and productivity.

3. Forage, Vegetables and Fruits: Pigs eat different fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, apples, and other produce. You can feed them fresh fruits and vegetables or give them in processed form. With this, you can also include a diet with grasses and other vegetation.

4. Minerals, Vitamins, and Supplements: Pigs require specific minerals and vitamins to maintain health and productivity. You can also include products from food processing, as they will provide additional nutrients.

5. Water: Access to clean, fresh water is crucial for pigs to stay hydrated, regulate body temperature, and aid digestion.

Some commonly asked questions:

→ Do pigs eat humans

No, pigs do not eat humans. Pigs are omnivorous and will consume animal matter if it is available and they are hungry.

→ Do pigs eat their own poop

Yes, Pigs do eat their own poop or other animals' feces.

→ Do pigs eat meat

Yes, Pigs are omnivorous and will eat meat if it is available. But giving them raw meat can lead to disease transmission.

→ Can pigs eat chocolate

No, pigs should not eat chocolate. Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, both of which are toxic to pigs.

→ Can pigs eat grapes

Grapes and raisins are toxic to pigs and can cause kidney failure.

→ Do pigs eat hay

Pigs can eat hay, but you need to include other vegetables, grains and protein sources.

→ Can pigs eat tomatoes

Yes, pigs can eat ripe tomatoes. Green tomatoes contain solanine, that can be harmful.

→ Do pigs eat bones

Pigs can chew on small bones but bones are not a part of their diet.

→ Do pigs eat grass

Pigs can eat grass and other vegetation. 


What is pig feed?

What is pig feed

A pig feed is a special diet created to meet the nutritional needs of pigs at different stages of their life cycle. It contains a balanced mixture of ingredients that can provide essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to pigs so that they can grow and maintain health.

Components of Pigs Feed:

The following are the components of the pig feeds:

  • Grains and Cereals
  • Protein Sources
  • Vegetable and Animal Fats
  • Minerals and Vitamins
  • Fiber Sources
  • Additives and Supplements
  • Water

Types of Pig Feed:

Starter Feed

Grower Feed

Finisher Feed

Breeder Feed

Feed given to piglets after weaning.

Provide this feed to the pigs who are young after the starter phase.

Feed is given to promote lean muscles in pigs.

Diet that supports reproductive health and fetal development.


What do pigs not eat? 

What do pigs not eat

There are some things that pigs avoid or should not eat, like:

  • Pigs may avoid or be poisoned by certain toxic plants.
  • Pigs may reject food that is spoiled or moldy, as it will cause digestive problems.
  • They may not consume seeds and pits from fruits, as they are hard to digest.
  • Foods that are highly acidic, like citrus fruits, can cause stomach irritation.
  • Pigs should not consume medications meant for humans or other animals.
  • They must not consume non food items, such as plastic.
  • Pigs can eat meat, but giving them raw meat can lead to disease transmission.

What do pigs eat - Wrap up!

When it comes to feeding pigs, now we have the basic information of what pigs eat and feed. You need to make sure that whatever you feed the pig is good for their health while ensuring they do not end up eating anything toxic that might cause them harm. Happy Feeding!

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July 03, 2024