Paint by numbers has grown into a flourishing hobby over many decades.  For years paintings have often hung as masterpieces in museums and homes around the world, but only few had the ability or craft to make such works of art.


History of Paint By Numbers

In 1923, the first patent was filed for a new numbering technique "Paint By Numbers" to allow art lovers around the world the ability to create their very own masterpieces.  This technique was used by artists all over the world, and a version of the technique was even used by Michaelangelo. 

It wasn't until the mid 1900's that the patent would take shape into a mass produced hobby that would change the world of art.  In 1949, the idea of a scaled paint by number kit began at the Palmer Show Card Paint Company in Detroit, Michigan.  Dan Robbins, an employee for the company was tasked with developing the kit for mass production.  After several months of trials with the project, in 1951 the company produced it's first paint by numbers kit under the new branded name, Craft Master Brand.  The top of the box on this new kit read, "A BEAUTIFUL OIL PAINTING THE FIRST TIME YOU TRY."  The kit was a huge success and Craft Master Brand went on to sell over 12 million kits for all to enjoy around the world.


NASA in the 1960's uses Paint By Numbers technique to create the first images of MarsIn the 1960's NASA used the Paint by Numbers technique as an easy way to code the first images sent from its cameras of Mars.  The signal was much too weak at the time to support the high data load of an image, so the camera was tasked to send the picture in strips which were labeled with a number.  These number strips were then oriented and painted to reveal the very first photos of Mars captured by NASA.




As the next century began, research and studies by the American Art Therapy Association found that 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body.  Much more focus on self healing and a way to zen from our often chaotic lives became a focus point.  The hobby of paint by numbers proved to be a relaxing way to explore creation for those who lacked the natural talent to paint such beautiful paintings.

Here at Pets By Numbers, we have always been avid fans of Paint By Numbers and have worked hard to bring the creation to the next level with a custom work of art.  Relax your mind, sip a glass of wine and enjoy the zen of painting your custom artwork, that is not only beautiful but has a sentimental, personal relation. 

Custom paint by numbers kits have been around for years now as the ability of photo editing and acrylic paint matching have excelled over the years.  We enjoy editing every single photo we receive and the excitement of viewing our customers projects once they are completed has always brought a smile to our faces! 


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December 28, 2019