Dog pop art

Our adorable friends have a beautiful coat covering their body. The color makes them look majestic and magnificent but have you ever wondered - how your canine companions will look if they were covered in a kaleidoscope of colors. What happened? Does the image look lovable or does it give you the willies? The image will look appealing and the colors will only enhance the charm of our picture perfect companions. In case you are wondering about your own personalized dog pop art then you need to read ahead as we will tell you how to convert dog photo to pop art…

Yes, dog pop art - with this art the photo of your furry bundle of joy will transform into a masterpiece… a masterpiece that can even make Monalisa say “PAW-SOME”. So, get on board our fellow pet lovers as a dog pop art will let you create beautiful memories, keepsakes and wall art worth ogling. Let’s begin this adventure where we will create an artwork artists and animal-lovers adore!

What is dog pop art?

Pop art is an art style that depicts the subject in various bold hues, graphic lines and different textures in an eye-catching way. A dog pop art is an art in which the subject matter of the pop art revolves around dogs. As with this easy pop art idea, one can easily celebrate and capture the personality of dogs in a beautiful way. This art can take multiple forms including paintings, prints, illustrations, and digital artworks.

How to convert dog photo to pop art?

how to convert dog photo to pop art

Now, in order to begin our journey we need to be prepared with the appropriate gears to make sure our ‘dog pop art’ is curated without any interruptions.

The items we need:

  • The picture perfect photo of your dog
  • Pop art tools/ software
  • Printer 
  • Frame

#1: The Perfect Photo 

How to select the right dog photo for dog pop art?

selecting perfect photo for dog pop art

- Select a clear and high quality image: 

Pet lovers and pet parents do not require much thought while selecting the images that can spell bind the viewers as our devices and phone galleries are filled with the photos of our pet. Some of us even set beautiful images that are both clear and of high quality as our home screen wallpaper. If you have the perfect shot of your pet, consider the image. But do not let this stop you from organizing a photoshoot for your fur baby.

- Check the expression of your dog:

Once you shortlist all the clear and high quality images, begin categorizing the images with the expression you love. Whether you want to adorn your wall with the soft gaze of your pup or want to capture them with wide eyes and goofy grin, the choice is yours. Simply, select an image which has the distinctive features and marvelous expressions of your pet that not only encapsulate the charm but also tell tales about their activities.

- Must have a neutral background:

The right photo of your dog will be the one with a simple background. An image in which the attention of the viewers is more on the surroundings and less on the pup is inappropriate for your dog pop art. Choose a photo where your furry eye candy is the sun & moon, the center of attention, the subject matter; not some sidekick that people might forget after a glance. Make sure the background of the image doesn’t distract the viewers and is easier for editing.

#2: Photo to Pop Art Dog 

How to convert dog photo to pop art?

convert photo for dog pop art

- Choose your software or tools:

In today’s time, where people can glam up just by using some filters, converting your image into a pop art is like a piece of cake for the tech-vistas. But even the people with little to no experience can convert their images easily by following the instructions. You can find many online photo editing sites with which you can directly morph the pictures of your dog. And all you need to do is upload the image and once you are satisfied with the results download it.

- Select the pop art style:

When it comes to easy pop art ideas like converting a dog portrait into pop art, you have multiple style options you can choose from. It is important to choose the pop art dog art style you want after checking the options that are available. Take your time while selecting the image with the colors and patterns that suit your preferences, also make sure the pop art style should complement your dog’s features and personality.

- Experiment and refine the art:

Once you select the perfect pop art style and colors for your dog portrait, move on to the next and the most important step that is customization. Add personal elements related to your pooch such as your dog’s name , a special date or a meaningful symbol. This will ensure that your art is uniquely yours and one of a kind. You can customize or experiment with the background of your dog pop art portrait by selecting solid colors or patterns.

#3: Print & Frame Your Dog Pop Art 

How to print and display your dog pop art?

printing and framing dog pop art

-Select High-Quality Printing:

While printing your dog pop art, it is crucial to ensure that the art prints you are procuring are of high quality so that you can get an art that is durable and long lasting. Check the area where you want to display the art and select a size that will complement the space. You can opt for small size prints if you want to display the portrait in a small frame or go for the larger prints if you want to make a bold statement.

-Frame with Care:

If you want to display your pop art, then merely printing it is not enough. You need to enhance the visual appeal of the artwork by adding a frame. Frames come in different sizes and materials so choose the one that complements your artwork. While framing the portrait make sure the frame properly encases the print beautifying it.

-Experiment with Display Options:

Now we have reached the final step that will not only give us a sense of accomplishment but will become the talk of the town. You can display your dog pop art in various ways - by creating a focal point, incorporating it as a gallery wall art or placing your dog portrait pop art on the shelf to make your home more lively with your pet’s expressions and interesting with their goofiness.

Custom Pop Art Painting by numbers

custom pop art by numbers

The beautiful pop art paintings by the famous artist Andy Warhol have mesmerized the folks with its bold colors and artistic approach. And with this guide you learnt how to convert dog photo to pop art but what if there is a way with which you can morph your pet’s photo into stunning diy pop art dog paintings. Custom pop art painting by numbers enables you to do so easily. All you have to do is visit Pets by Numbers, upload your dog’s image and place your order to get your dog pop art painting. You can select the size of the canvas and frame as well.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Stunning Dog Pop Art!

  • Use vibrant hues to make your art pop: Before you begin your artistic journey, remember pop art dogs are incomplete without bold colors. Select a vibrant color palette that compliments your pop art dog portrait and convey your dog’s personality.
  • Make graphic lines an additional ingredient: Graphic lines will help you create a beautiful pop art of dog. Just by outlining the subject matter with bold lines you can modify your art into a masterpiece as these lines will provide a structure to your artwork.
  • Textures & text will make an impact: Adding texture and text will not only add depth to your artwork but will add narrative depth to your artwork. You can include dots or other patterns and words related to your pet to personalize it further.
  • Focus on enhancing the subject matter: While creating your pop art, make your dog the center of the attention by adding beautiful hues and thick outlines. Do not emphasize the background of the portrait.

Final Thoughts

We come to an end of our journey of how to convert dog photo to pop art. With this, we not only found a wonderful way to create our dog photos into masterpieces but we also got a creative and fun artistic endeavor - custom pop art paint by numbers that will make you a pet artist. 

Gather your supplies to make your dog pop art and change your living space into an art gallery. An art gallery that will tell the stories of your lovely furry pal, that will capture their goofy grin, that will make your heart throb with love and mind take a tour of the beautiful moments in your reverie. 

So, fellow dog lovers, get your hands on the best pop art paint by numbers from Pets by Numbers and begin your artful adventure today! With pop art paint by numbers you can not only create a dog portrait but create a painting of yourself too which provides a creative twist to gift giving that a person will cherish forever.


April 02, 2024