Mini highland cow

Cows…. Who would want a cow as a pet? Some people might think so because they haven’t looked into their expressive eyes, observed their graceful movements and grazed their lush coats. Cows that symbolize abundance and sustenance are marvelous pets whose presence is not just delightful but rewarding as well. There are many people who want to make these gentle and affectionate beings their pets.

When it comes to keeping a highland cow at home, a pet parent has to consider many issues they might face while providing for their pet. One such issue that mars the spirit of a pet parent before getting a cow is the space requirement, as these creatures are large and require space to graze, roam, and exercise. 

But what if there is a compact version of these highland creatures? Yes, a mini highland cow or a small, cute looking cow might be the pet you are looking for. So, let’s read ahead to learn more about mini highland cows and check out the beautiful paintings of highland cows for your farmhouse!

Mini highland cow as pets

How much is a mini highland cow

Mini highland cow, the smaller version of highland cow featuring their remarkable appearance with shaggy coat, longhorns and rugged look, are around 36 to 42 inches tall. The mini highland cow possesses the nature and temperament of the larger highland breed, which makes them perfect for small farms or hobby farms.

→ Features of Mini Highland Cow

Here are some characteristics of mini highland cows:

Size: When it comes to miniature highland cow size, they are 36 to 42 inches tall and are smaller in size than the standard highland cows.

Appearance: They have similar shaggy coats in different shades such as black, red, yellow, or dun which gives them a rustic appearance.

Hardiness: The miniature cows possess the same hardiness that makes them suitable for the rugged terrains and harsh weather environments.

Temperament: The mini fluffy cow are known for their gentle and docile nature which makes them a better pet choice  for people who own small farms.

→ Caring for Mini Highland Cow

Here are the ways by which you can ensure optimal care for your small fluffy cow:

  • By providing adequate shelter to miniature fluffy cows in order to protect them from extreme weather conditions.
  • Pay attention to their diet, give them high quality grass or hay supplemented with minerals. Also, make sure they have access to clean and fresh water all the time.
  • Regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and deworming are essential for maintaining the health of mini highland cows. 
  • Make sure they have the company of other cattle as they are social animals and might end up feeling lonely or bored if left alone.
  • Remember, these mini fuzzy cows require grooming as well to prevent matting of their long hair.

→ How much are mini cows?

The cost of mini highland cows may vary depending upon their breed, age, gender, and pedigree. On average, the price of these mini cows ranges from $2500 to $3000 or more, which is higher in comparison to other miniature cattle breeds. Also, when getting a mini cow pet, it is important to consider the additional costs related to healthcare, food, and shelter.

Highland cow paintings

1. Highland cow painting easy:

Highland cow painting easy

This easy highland cow painting showcases the distinctive features of mini cows, capturing the long horns and shaggy coat. Also, the painting is created using easy and simple techniques with a minimal background that further enhances the charm and appearance of the subject of the painting, a fluffy minature cow.

2. Colorful cow painting:

Colorful cow painting

The mini highland cow is a cute creature that has a symbolic meaning and is perfect for small farms. And this colorful painting is a beautiful way to adorn the walls of your farmhouse. Also, if you are someone who wishes to try his or her hand at painting with the same colorful results, then you should get a customized cow pop art by number kit or look for pop art painting ideas to create a masterpiece yourself.

3. Black & white highland cow painting:

Black & white highland cow painting

This minimalistic cow canvas painting is bereft of hues other than gray, white, and black. This painting portrays the highland cow with proper texture and adequate patterns that give the art a timeless appeal. The black and white highland cow artwork can evoke a sense of nostalgia and joy when adorned on walls.

4. Baby highland cow painting:

Baby highland cow painting

The baby highland cow painting is the perfect artwork that easily portrays the charm of the young calf. It not only highlights the softness of its fur but also puts emphasis on its large eyes and perky ears. When displayed in your home or farmhouse, this painting will evoke feelings of warmth and tenderness in the viewer.

5. White highland cow painting:


White highland cow painting

The highland miniture cows coats have different mesmerizing hues, and one such shade is white. This painting beautifully portrays the white fur of the cow against a dark grayish black background that complements the main subject of the painting. It is a striking piece of animal art that can exude elegance and sophistication.

6. Highland cow paint by numbers:


Highland cow paint by numbers

The highland cow paint by numbers kit is an art that does not require a person to have any artistic skills, as the kit comes with a pre printed canvas on which the complete portrait is drawn. The canvas is further divided into different segments and marked with various symbols or numbers to match the paint pots given within the kit.

7. Black highland cow painting:

Black highland cow painting


This painting of a black haired cow not only captures the beauty of this herd animal but also captures its iconic, dark, and velvety fur. It is the majestic appearance of the black highland cow amidst the brown-colored hay that adds dimension and depth to this artwork. To make this cow art painting even more alluring, the background is also painted black, which further creates a sense of drama and intensity.

8. Highland cow diamond painting:

Highland cow diamond painting


For animal lovers, who love decorating their walls with beautiful animal art. This highland cow diamond painting is something that can easily enrapture you. In diamond painting art, the paints are replaced with tiny little resins that give a sparkling look to the painting. And to make it even more intriguing, this painting kit can be customized as well.

9. Abstract cow painting:

Abstract cow painting


Abstract art is art that doesn’t have any restraint and lets you portray any form or shape using different shades, lines, and brushstrokes. This abstract cow painting is a depiction of a highland cow against a colorful background. In this, the cow is painted with different hues that enhance the abstract allure of the painting while challenging traditional notions of representation.

10. Cute cow painting:

Cute cow painting$80 

This painting shows a cute cow sitting on a field with a scenic background behind. The cow in this painting looks adorable with its majestic horns, floppy ears, and big eyes peeking from the shaggy fur. Also, such paintings of cows are perfect to decorate a child’s room who loves highland cows.

11. Highland cow acrylic painting:


Highland cow acrylic painting

This highland cow acrylic painting is an artwork that highlights the versatility and vibrancy of these majestic beings. Acrylic paints add depth and texture to the painting with the help of techniques like dry brushing, impasto, or glazing. With this painting medium, the artist has captured the details and the softness of the cow’s fur beautifully to captivate the viewer.


What is a highland cow?

A highland cow is a breed of cattle native to the Scottish Highlands. They are known for their hardiness, adaptability to harsh climates, and dual-purpose nature, as they are raised for both meat and milk production.

How big do mini highland cows get?

⇒ Mini highland cow size is around 36 to 42 inches tall at the shoulder, making them smaller in comparison to standard Highland cattle, which can reach heights of up to 48 inches or more.

Do female highland cows have horns?

⇒ Yes, both male and female Highland cows have horns. The horns can vary in size and shape among individual animals.

Where do highland cows live?

⇒ Highland cows originated in the rugged terrain of the Scottish Highlands, where they are well suited to the harsh climate and rough landscape. However, they can be found in various regions around the world.

Do highland cows produce milk?

⇒ Yes, they can provide a moderate amount of rich and creamy milk, which is often used for making cheese, butter, and other dairy products.

Are highland cows friendly?

⇒ Highland cows are known for their gentle and docile temperament, making them generally friendly and approachable animals. 

What do highland cows eat?

⇒ Highland cows are primarily grazers and thrive on a diet of grass and hay. Additionally, they can be given mineral supplements to ensure they receive all the nutrients they need for optimal health and productivity.


As we come to an end of our guide on “Mini Highland Cows” and their paintings, we can conclude that their charming presence or their artistic depictions can have an impact not only on our lives but on our living space too. Whether you are a farmer, a hobbyist, or an art enthusiast, mini Highland cows and their artistic representations offer a unique blend of rural charm and visual splendor.

So, whether you are looking to bring home a mini Highland cow or adorn your walls with their captivating images, these petite pastoral beauties are sure to enrich your world in unexpected and delightful ways.

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May 17, 2024